Wednesday 18 January 2017 - Three great families and their gardens - a history of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville Wests - Caroline Rayman

Three great families and their gardens is the story of three very different, but hugely successful families - the Sackville Wests, the Astors and the Rothschilds.

The Sackville Wests have been part of the establishment since Tudor times whereas the other two families are wealthy immigrants who came to England in the l9th century.

The talk traces the history of the families, discusses their contribution to life in England and celebrates the splendid gardens that they have created.

about our lecturer:

Caroline Rayman has worked for many companies and organizations, both in London and United States of America, working particularly with patrons of American Arts Institutions and visiting private collections in Great Britain, Ireland and Italy. More recently, she has lectured regularly on both sides of the Atlantic.
She was an official guide at the British Museum and has published articles on samplers.

A guest speaker on Noble Caledonia cruises, Caroline collects 18th Century porcelain, samplers and Georgian paste jewellery and has lectured on all these subjects.